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Your BELIEF Creates Your Reality – You CAN Change The Story!

Hello, beautiful soul! Let’s dive right in!

This world – this Earth, this beautiful, living, breathing ball that we are held so lovingly within, is consciousness made manifest. 

It is life breathing life. It has a heart, it is the heart of our physical reality, and it responds to ENERGY! 

But! This physical world, the one you touch and consume yourself with, is simply a part of your human experience. And a part of your human experience, is to create the life you want. 

It is to create a new world, a better world, a more loving and compassionate world.  

Our collective mission as human beings, is to CHANGE the world – and it’s so much easier than you think. 

The World is what you believe it is 

If you believe this world to be a negative, hostile, unforgiving place, then that is the reality you are living in.  

And your reality is going to reflect back to you what you believe. You are instilling that believe, cementing it, with every reflection you see. INSTEAD of realising that YOU are the CREATOR of your reality, and you are simply being shown your truth. 

But what truth do you desire? 

What version of this world do you see? 

Which reality do you want to live in? 

Do you want to believe in a world where our personal freedom is taken away, through our own willingness to submit to fear?  

Do you really want to live in a world where you can’t travel, see your loved ones, touch and hug another human being, without sacrificing your basic human rights?  

Or would you rather live in the world the way you were always meant to? as a free and unlimited being, conscious and aware, compassionate and committed, living a life of personal freedom. A life where you decide how you’re going to spend your precious time, you decide on how much, or how little you want to work. You decide if it’s a yes, or a no – because that is your personal choice.  

Let me tell you something,

You did not come here to work, pay bills, and die. 

You did not come here to be depressed, to be invalidated, to be manipulated, to be bullied into conformity.

You did not come here to be the workhorse for someone else’s multi-millionaire bank cheque. 

You came here to be free, to bring love, to embody love, to radiate love, and to be the light in the dark.  

What are you facing right now?

Grab a pen, and write down the biggest perceivable problem you are facing right now. 

Is it your finances, is it your health, is it the global situation? 

Write it down, and be specific. 

Now feel it, feel this problem. How does it make you FEEL? 

Are you anxious? Are your palms sweating at the prospect of this problem worsening? Really allow yourself to feel it. 

Now ask yourself, is this really the reality you want to be in?


Your BELIEFS create your FEELINGS 

Your belief is only as strong as your willingness to change it. 

Look beyond the feeling, ask yourself WHY do you believe this? Is it because you’ve been diagnosed by a medical profession? is it because the media feeds off of fear? Is it because you’re so used to disappointment, that you’ve forgotten where that story came from? 

This world is a mirror of everything you believe. 

Don’t see it as fact that the world is what your fear it is. If your reality is mirroring your limiting beliefs – if you’re attracting emotionally unavailable partners, rejection, abandonment, maybe you’re met with disappointment, after disappointment.  

Maybe you always feared not having enough, and somehow there always seems to be something that costs you, your time, money, and health.  

Don’t see it as fact, see it as a mirror. See it as an opportunity for you to change the story. 

And how do you change the story? by changing what you believe. 

By simply not allowing anything you don’t want, to become a part of your reality. By transmuting fear into faith, by surrendering to your own Divine power. By looking deep withing yourself, and recognising the shit that you’ve been projecting onto others because of the same negative thought pattern that you’ve had on a loop your whole life. 

It is simply not enough for you to meditate, do yoga, eat healthy, go to the gym, recite 100 affirmations a day, UNLESS YOU BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

Your belief fuels EVERYTHING.  

Your belief fuels fear, it fuels poverty, it fuels illness, it fuels conformity, it fuels rejection, abandonment, betrayal, unworthiness, 

It propels you into a reality of your choosing, and you choose that reality every time you feed into the media, every time you conform out of fear, every time you stay silent instead of saying no.  

Now ask yourself, what reality do I want to live in? 

and change the story. 

With love,