“If I had to recommend a book, written by a contemporary author without a doubt, I would recommend this book. The author has a delightful writing style. Each story involves the reader and each page is a time to get excited, moved or smile. Highly recommended for those who love reading, letting themselves be gently carried away by words.”

Goodreads review

“Unfolding is a collection of ten short stories, each with its own surprise. While some may thrill you, others will leave you with a smile. I hope with every turn of the page youโ€™ll uncover something new, a new character, a new experience, a new perspective.”

victoria hope

A collection of ten short stories, each with their own surprise…

A psychotic duo,

a scorned wife,

a cursed angel.

Relive memories of a ten-year-old girl,

experience life on the other side…

spend a night at the Chateau Marmont.

“Well written, could not put the book down, I laughed and I cried. Can’t wait for her novel, good work Victoria.”

Amazon review

“I’m not much of a reader but these short stories managed to hold my interest! Great mind-blowing twist! Some make you smile and bring back childhood memories, some make you say out loud, ‘What! I didn’t see that coming!’ A great read!”

Amazon review

On my journey Iโ€™ve discovered, as you will as well, how our words have the power to thrill, to excite, to shock, but ultimately to inspire, to uplift, to illuminate. Each story will unfold in its own unique way, but the book itself is a personal accomplishment, one which I hope you will read again and again as you too grow, learn and evolve. This is the journey of life – this is the beauty of its Unfolding.”

victoria hope

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