The Less Options I have, The Happier I Am – Simplifying Life

Believe me, no one knows the struggle of change more than a Taurus – and yet, lately I have been embracing it.

Yesterday, I had another productive Sunday, resulting in me striking while the iron was hot and spontaneously clearing out my wardrobe and possessions.

Throughout the day, I had been thinking of the topic I wanted to cover for today. Actually, it had been floating around in my head since my friend, Christine reminded me of what I had once told her in one of our letters, “The less options I have, the happier I am.” With the current energies of the partial solar eclipse, and Mercury being in retrograde, now is the perfect time to go back to basics: slow down, reset, and simplify.

Productivity, flexibility, and embracing change

Just like a mirror to my soul, with my every action and intention, the energy of life compensates.

the daughter of eden

Without movement, energy becomes stagnant. Lately, I have been embracing change instead of avoiding it: changing my routines, being flexible with my time and goals, being productive instead of biting off more than I can chew and accomplishing nothing.

Simplifying life extends to all areas, including how we spend our time – without being rigid.

A life’s work, not a season.

Rebecca Campbell

Simplifying life

I am simplifying my life in ways that will lessen the anxiety of trying to decide on: which book to read, what clothes to wear, what hobby to spend time on, which project to see to fruition? I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of my time deciding on how to spend it. My greatest – and boldest, decisions have come from acts of spontaneity. For me, this is what keeps life interesting, what breaks me out of a rut, and reminds me to have f-u-n!

Setting goals and intentions also greatly impacts my productivity. I accomplish much more when I have a goal in mind, and a time frame in which to achieve it.

Making space for new energy

Clearing out your wardrobe, is like clearing out the internal cobwebs. I always remember when I have a considerable clear out of my possessions, because it is always spontaneous, and always leaves me feeling lighter afterwards.

Clearing out doesn’t have to be physical, it can be a mental clear-out, a recalibrating of your internal equilibrium, or a re-prioritising of your life and the things that matter to you.

Part of letting go and allowing, is letting go of things you actually want – this includes your belongings.

the daughter of eden

Removing distractions

Another big part of simplifying my life, is getting rid of distractions: reducing phone and social media use – knowing when I’ve been relying too much on external conveniences, or ‘filling’ my time instead of utilising it, these are the kinds of ways that feel like a breath of fresh air.

For example, on Sundays I don’t like to use my phone. I switch it off on Saturday and won’t switch it back on until Monday. Of course, this isn’t always this case if I’m catching up with friends, but mostly it is something I stick to – and boy, does it feel good.

Making little changes like this, reducing your external consumption, doesn’t have to be drastic. Find what works for you.

What my Sunday looked like

More time for what you enjoy

Of course, the more me time I have, the more I get to spend doing what I love. Reading, drawing, painting, creating, writing, gardening, baking – eating scones and drinking tea! Having the time to do what I love in life, to me, is what makes life worth living.

Over the weekend, I sculpted an ornamental sunflower out of air dry clay. It wasn’t something I had planned to do, but once I switched off my phone, I felt like getting back to creating with my hands and having fun without a goal in mind. With the wonderful weather over the weekend it dried already! I look forward to painting and finishing it this week.

What is one thing you could spend a whole day doing? Something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time?

make time work for you

If it’s important to you, then it’s a priority. The funny thing is, when I’m rushing around trying to cram everything in, that’s when time escapes me – there’s never enough. Yet, when I work mindfully, strive for quality over quantity, and make myself a priority, that’s when I find I have more than enough time to do everything.

Just like a mirror to my soul, with my every action and intention, the energy of life compensates.

The more flexible I am with life, the more flexible it is with me.

the daughter of eden

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to make time for this week.

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I wish you a wonderful day.

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