Divine Feminine / Moon Cycles

POWERFUL Divine Feminine Aries Full Moon Meditation – It Is Safe For You To Be Seen

Hello beautiful souls, in this video I will lead you through a guided meditation. This meditation is for the Divine Feminine, to elevate you and to harness the power of this Full Moon in Aries.  

The Full Moon is the pinnacle of the Lunar cycle. This phase represents completion, clarity, and wholeness.

This Full Moon in Aries, known as the ‘Hunter’s Moon’, is all about impulse, assertiveness, and winning at life. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, drive, and passion. This current energy is fiery, fast-paced, and competitive.  

Feminines, if you’ve been experiencing too much of this go-getter energy recently, it may have resulted in feelings of anger, frustration, and being too much in our masculine energy.

Feminines, this energy may have seen you forging ahead on impulse, caused conflict with loved ones, and simply burned you out. As with everything in life, it’s so important to achieve a healthy balance of these energies in order to benefit from them. We’ve been dealing with a lot collectively Feminine’s and it’s time now for us to step-back into our power, to loosen our grip on the reins, and to allow all that we’ve worked for to come to us.  

This meditation will remind you of who you are.

You will step-back into your Priestess power, re-claiming your Goddess energy, and allowing abundance to flow to you. You have worked hard Feminine’s, now is the time for you to sit once again on your thrown, grounded in your Divine Power.  

This meditation will harness the power of the Full Moon, bringing Her wisdom, light, and guidance to you. You will no longer feel the need to control situations, but lean into faith and be led. You will feel abundant, powerful, and serene.

You will be respected, understood, and acknowledged.

Set your intentions for this mediation, to fully surrender yourself to its power.  

Affirmations For The Divine Feminine

I am powerful. 

I am protected. 

It is safe for me to be seen. 

It is safe for me to shine my light. 

The more I acknowledge my light, the stronger it grows. 

I am not in competition with anyone, there is room enough for us all. 

I am worthy as I am, I release the need to prove myself. 

I am radiant. 

My light illuminates the path to my dreams. 

When I lean into faith, I am led. 

What I have to say matters. 

I matter. 

My feelings matter. 

I acknowledge my feelings 

I am allowed to feel the way I do. 

I accept my faults, and know this too is a strength. 

I am released of all attachments. 

My time is mine to use as I choose. 

I am the creator of my own life, I choose to create a life I love. 

I live with grace and ease.  

Abundance is my birth right, money is a by-product of my happiness. 

I always have enough. 

I seek approval from none, for I am already worthy. 

I am whole and complete. 

I release expectation, and allow life to flow in my favour. 

What is mine will not pass me by, I surrender it to the Divine. 

I am love. 

I see signs of love wherever I go. 

Divine love is my destiny. 

I attract my Divine Masculine by living my truth. 

I am manifesting all the love, abundance, and prosperity I deserve.  

The love I put out into the world, comes back to me tenfold. 

I live in a constant state of faith and knowing. 

Everything always works out for me. 

Exciting opportunities greet me every day. 

Doors are always opening for me. 

My intuition guides me.  

I create with passion, purpose, and intent. 

All my efforts are acknowledged and received with grace and love. 

I am appreciated. 

I am grateful. 

I am free to be me, unapologetically. 

I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. 

I am unlimited. 

I am the Divine Feminine. 

It is safe for me to be seen. 

Divine Feminines, allow yourself to remain in this energy, of complete and total bliss. You are allowed to feel good, not just now, but always. 

You can return to this meditation anytime, when you need a reminder of your truth. But know you are the light, and these words are a reflection of who you already are. 

You can print these affirmations, or copy them to your phone to remind yourself of them daily.

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I appreciate you, I see you, and I am rooting for your success in all that you do.