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How To Find Your Purpose | What’s Keeping You From It?

Hey souls, today I’m talking about how to find your purpose – let’s get straight to it!

Firstly, what does purpose mean to you specifically? Not everyone is going to resonate with having a life purpose, not everyone feels they have a calling to answer, but on some level we all have one thing in common and that is to matter.

We want to matter to someone to something. Whether that’s through a loving relationship and mattering to the person you love, maybe it’s having children and feeling that sense of purpose there, or perhaps you want to matter in business, in the financial world, maybe you want to be a person of impact.

All of these things share that basic human desire to be wanted, needed, to matter and to have a purpose.

What Lights You Up?

What’s one thing you could do for hours, for days, for months even and not get bored of doing it? I don’t mean not taking a break, because I think we’d all get bored of doing the same thing over and over. What I mean is, what is something you could do on the daily and you wouldn’t even consider it work?

What comes easily to you? It could be something creative, something artistic maybe you love to paint or draw, maybe you feel like you have an unanswered calling to help and assist the world in some way, or better the lives of specific individuals. This could be through using your talents and skills.

Maybe it’s writing a self-help book, creating a course, public speaking to an audience, maybe it’s through music, film, maybe it’s creating an ethical business that benefits the community or provides you with the means to become a philanthropist and raise money for charity or even to provide a better life for your family.

Sometimes we think it has to be something big and grand to make a difference, for us to matter, but the truth is, your purpose could lie in helping those around you simply by doing what you love.

Every action we take no matter how big or small has a significant effect on the world around us. 

What Qualities Do You Enjoy Expressing?

Do you love talking to others, are you a natural speaker? Does advice come easily to you when others need your help? Many times throughout my life people have come to me, sometimes even strangers or people I hardly know just to get my opinion, my advice or someone to listen to them and they would actually call me their therapist.

I’ve always known my purpose, my calling, has something to do with helping others, and it’s only within the past year that I’ve really come to define my path and start using my skills and passion to benefit others.

It doesn’t mean you have to have bags confidence or you need to be qualified in something to add weight to what you believe is right for you, these skills can be developed over time but you’ll find that your purpose comes naturally to you, and it may surprise you in what way.

Is It For The Good Of All?

Ask yourself why? Why do you want this? Will it benefit you, will it benefit others? Is it for the good of all? Having a sense of purpose also comes from being of service in some way to someone else or by creating something else for others.

The greatest fulfilment and happiness comes from helping others. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck or you don’t know what direction you’re heading in, ask yourself, who does it serve? 

What’s keeping you from your purpose?

A huge part of following your heart and your purpose is to determine what is keeping you from it?

What is stopping you from living that dream, that passion, that purpose RIGHT NOW? This is a crucial step because it will help you to determine which three things are stopping you:

  1. Is it security? Do you fear that by going after your purpose you’ll be sacrificing your security? If so, is there room to be flexible and make some adjustments in your life? Even if it means sacrificing a little right now in order to enjoy a lot more in the future.
  2. Is it someone else’s opinion? Are you allowing someone else’s opinion of what you should be doing with your life determine how you live it? 
  3. Are you afraid to be successful? This may sound like a strange question but I guarantee you a lot of us don’t realise we feel this way. This could appear in the form of imposter syndrome maybe we feel we’re not qualified, or skilled enough, maybe we lack confidence in our ability to execute something to the level in which we see others doing it, or we may simply be afraid to shine because we’ve been taught to put other’s needs before our own. 

Have a think about it and really allow yourself to be honest.

If You Can’t Be The First, Be Different

One of the greatest things I’ve ever heard is that if you can’t be the first at something or the best at something, be different.

So if you’re thinking of starting a YouTube Channel, or you want to start your own business, whatever it is, you’re not going to be the first person ever to do that, and the only way you could be the best at doing something was if you confined yourself to a very specific niche and excelled in it, which, is possible and you can definitely become the best in your field, you can become the expert of a specific topic, but the most important thing is that you are different.

Allow your skills to shine through you. Do not be afraid to express yourself because this is how you’re going to become the best at what only you can do. If you want to be of service to the world focus on giving it you because no one else can do that. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on some key starting points to get you thinking about, not only your purpose and what it could be based on what you love, but also who it serves, what’s keeping you from it, and how to be successful doing it.

Remember, you have all the tools you need within you to be successful and live that life you’ve always dreamed of.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and have a wonderful day! 🙂