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How To Embrace The Divine Feminine Within You!

The Divine Feminine, along with her male counterpart – Divine Masculine, can be traced back to the dawn of time and found in all religious texts. (Feminine does not relate only to females, nor does masculine relate only to males – we each contain both energies within us and you can identify with either.) 

Adam and Eve, Shiva and Shakti, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Isis and Osiris – are the physical representation of divine marriage, or sacred union (known as heiros gamos) of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 

Think of the ancient Yin & Yang symbol – it represents the masculine and feminine energies in perfect harmony. 

We are approaching a time where the equilibrium of feminine and masculine will be balanced.  

With the rise in feminist movements and the acknowledgement of self-love and self-care in the mainstream media, we are at a pinnacle point on our planet where women are being heard, and where ancient spiritual practices have found their way into the every day lives of the western world. 


Ancient Taoists considered menstruation a powerful time, they believed the hormones circulating in a woman’s body increased her creativity, emotions, and passions. The Divine Feminine energy – when awakened, releases the same gifts. 

When we align with our Divine Feminine energy, we feel abundant, energised, creative, inspired, whole, nurtured and loved. 

We live in a society which promotes sexual exploitation. A society where people thrive behind filters, good lighting and best angles. Children grow up with a distorted idea of what the ‘perfect’ woman looks like (and there is no such thing). This is especially damaging to the young women of our future. 

Society expects women to think, act, and dress in certain ways. If we go against the grain, or rebel against societal views and gender stereotyping, then we are categorised as ‘difficult’ by a society determined to crush the feminine. 

The main problem with society and the media, is it pits men and women against each-other in a 21st century battle of the sexes. It also profits on poor self-image, low self-esteem, and visual stimulation. 

But the feminine and masculine are meant to be in harmony with each-other, not in competition. 


Love is all there is.  

It’s what we are made of – we were created out of love. We never lose out when we choose love. It’s fear that keeps us from love, fear that we don’t deserve love, fear that we will lose love.  

These fears – however irrational, block the path to happiness. But when we decide to be the provider of our own happiness, our whole world changes.  

“Love is an ever-flowing stream – it fills your cup to the brim, never drowning you, always replenishing itself when you drink from it. It never runs out, it never stops, it never asks anything of you; it is always constant, always available to you.” 


This is the real self-love. 

That’s why we came here, to experience love. To know what it means to be in a body that thinks it is separate from God, the Universe, or whatever resonates. 

How the feminine treats herself, re-defines the template for love, not just for women, but for men as well – the greatest relationship a woman can have, is the one with herself. 


As women, when we allow love into our lives we awaken to our true nature – there is a Goddess energy that we tap into in this moment.  

We are the Divine Feminine, the gateway between source and earth. We birth life, bringing souls to this world – there is no other way, than through us. Think about that for a moment, when you feel powerless. 

Aside from this, when we connect to our Goddess energy we become the true embodiment of the feminine. Creativity flows through us, we birth many things – ideas, projects, transformation. We learn to harness the inspiration that urges us to try something new.  

This is actually our default setting, to embody our dominant energy. In fact, not doing so, or ignoring our own nature, is what causes emotional instability, poor health, and chemical imbalances. 

You may experience a longing to creatively express yourself – an urge to paint or draw, to write a novel, to start a business, or to spend time working on your home, when you step into your feminine power. 

This energy helps us find our voice, it enables us to speak our truth without fear of judgement or rejection. We find our passion and zest for life, adventure calls to us – we want to experience all that is now available to us! We want to conquer the world, to help other women feel the same way we do – and most importantly, we feel in competition with no one and see men as our equal, not our competitor.  

When we embrace our divine feminine energy it affects all aspects of our life. Our mind-set changes, how we view others, how we view ourselves, our priorities, all change. 

We no longer entertain people who don’t see our worth, and when we do walk away we do so with love and dignity.  


Embracing the Divine Feminine means making space for love to flow into our life in all ways – including our ideal partnership.  

As with everything in life, it’s about balance. Knowing when we’ve been in our masculine energy too much, recognising that it’s time to nurture ourselves and those around us, we can bring in that feminine energy and let it guide us.  

“Your body always knows what it needs – just like a mother with her new-born baby, it’s in our nature to know how to nurture.” 

Victoria Hope

So listen to your body, spend time getting to know you better, make yourself a priority – demonstrate to others how to love, by loving yourself better. 

Listen, that is your divine feminine talking to you, she is calling out for you to embrace her. She is the Shakti, the Goddess within us, she asks you to be confident, yet humble – she is fierce, gentle, brave, emotional, nurturing, wild and free – all at the same time.  

Take a moment to tap into this energy, sit still, be mindful, and you will find all your natural gifts waiting for you inside. 


Feminines, isn’t is tiring to always be in our masculine? To always have our guard up? To always feel like we have to be the overachiever, or the decision maker. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could achieve a balance between our masculine and feminine energies, and know when we are too much of one, and not enough of the other? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel safe, secure, loved, protected, heard, and seen by the men in our lives?  

Maybe we just haven’t been allowing it. 

But now it’s time for us to feel powerful in our own Feminine glory, to allow ourselves to be seen, and to show the world what it really means to be a woman. 

Here are five ways you can re-align with your Divine Feminine energy

  1. Meditate, become aware of your body, respect it and show it some love! Hug yourself, be comfortable with your own body.  
  1. Switch off your phone, and have a relaxing bubble bath with candles, and essential oils.  
  1. Work with your Moon cycle, not against it. This is a time for your creative ideas to flourish, a time for nourishment and rest. 
  1. Allow yourself to be feminine, to feel safe in your feminine energy, and let your natural nurturing instincts shine through.  
  1. Allow the men in your life to support you. You’re not in competition, and by making space for the Divine Masculine in our lives we help balance the collective polarity.  

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