Moon Cycles

Full Moon in Leo: January ‘Wolf Moon’ Ritual

On Thursday 28th January, the first full moon of 2021 will be in the sign of Leo. So, instead of howling at it, we may very well be roaring…

The moon will peak at 7:16pm, at 9 degrees of Leo.

Full Moon Mantra:

“Forgive, release, receive”

The Full Moon is the climax of the lunar cycle! We may feel anxious and wound-up as things come to a head. This is when the intentions we set during the last New Moon, will begin to materialise. Expect heightened activity, rapid communication, sudden change, and irritability leading up to this cycle.

‘Wolf’ Moon?

Native Americans named each full moon. The ‘Wolf Moon’ in January was given because Wolves prowled the villages during the Winter months.

It is also known as, ‘The Great Spirit Moon’.

Full Moon in Leo

The ruler of this fire sign is the Sun, it represents the authentic creative expression of an individual, and their inner fire.

If you are an Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libran, Sagittarian, or Aquarian, this Full Moon is especially good for you – but, a bit challenging for the rest of us…

The Leo moon speaks to our inner child. Desires to be noticed, appreciated, to be the centre of attention, will dominate at this time. Our inner child wants to be praised, and to express their emotions strongly and openly.

The energy is loud and proud! Think, Knight of Wands – active, alert, unpredictable, and fast-moving. Embodying the balanced Leo energy is the Queen of Wands, and King of Wands.

Leo Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon amplifies our emotional sensitivities, bringing to the surface old wounds, and unresolved issues. This happens so that we can release them, creating space for new energy to come into our lives.

Doing a Full Moon ritual is most potent at its peak, but still powerful any time during its phase.

First, ground yourself – meditate, get into alignment with your soul. This is the time to take stock and become fully self-aware.

Ask yourself these questions – use them as prompts for your journaling if you wish:

  • What have I been holding on to? what people, situations, limiting beliefs, have been holding me back?
  • Have I been prideful, arrogant, pushy, controlling?
  • Have I made time for my creativity?
  • Have I been expressing myself authentically?
  • Have I been showing myself self-love, and self-care?
  • Have I been paying enough attention to my inner child? what do they need from me?
  • How can I meet my needs in a healthy, and balanced way?
  • In what ways do I feel neglected?
  • Have I been living from my Ego, or my Soul?
  • How can I make myself a priority?


Gather your thoughts, burdens – whether on paper, or in your mind, pay attention to each one, and any emotions that arise.

Know that it is time to let them go as we fully step into 2021.

“What is mine will not pass me by; it is safe for me to let go.”

Free yourself, make space, step into your power.


  • I forgive others, (or “specific person”).
  • I forgive myself.
  • I am loved.
  • I am appreciated.
  • I am safe.
  • I am supported.
  • I release control.
  • I am free of judgement.
  • I am free of the past.
  • I am free to be me.
  • I am free.


Give thanks back to Mother Earth for grounding you, to the Divine Feminine (Moon), and Divine Masculine (Sun), for bringing these issues to your attention.

End with a gratitude list to send out appreciation, and remind you of all the positive things in your life.

“What I give, I receive in abundance.”

The Moon will be in full phase until February 1st – when it shifts into disseminating, and we can turn our attention inwards, and begin to slow down again.

The phases of the Moon are like the ebb and flow of the tide – a time for energy to grow and intensify, and a time for it to abate.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have your own Full Moon affirmation, and what you want to release during this time.

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Shine like the stars,