Moon Cycles

An Important Message For YOU | Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

Hello beautiful soul, 

Today, I have an important message for you, and a transformative guided visualisation I’d like to walk you through, for this powerful Full Moon, and partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

This Full Moon combined with the sensual, earthly energy of Taurus is steady and grounded.  

If you have been feeling obstinate recently, obsessing over your financial security, possessions, and connections with others, perhaps these feelings have surprised you, maybe you’ve been over-indulging, ignoring your true nature, your potential. The Full Moon in Taurus is here to stop you in your tracks, to remind you to nurture yourself, to re-prioritise your life, and to shift your focus off of what is keeping you stuck, and set your goals for the future.  

The time is now to let go. Breathe, relax. You are safe, loved, protected, and far more powerful than you realise. The Universe is within you, you are the Universe experiencing itself, and you are being given this opportunity now, to drop everything, surrender it, and step through the doorway to your new life. 

Everything you have been praying for, actively working towards, manifesting, has already materialised and is on the other side of that door. 

Time is nonlinear, it exists beyond the scope of our perception. The life you so desire, already exists. In a parallel Universe, that version of you is already living that life, and countless others. 

You can have all that you have ever wanted in life, the financial security, the love of your life who treasures and supports you, the family, the success, the lifestyle, the happiness. It is your birth right. 

You are not meant to struggle in life

To work yourself to death, to neglect your own desires, emotions, feelings, and put your heart’s desire and dreams on the backburner. You can have it all. 

You are worthy. Repeat that, say it out loud, “I am worthy.” 

Stop judging yourself for how you feel. For your shadows, for the you when you are alone who may not have it all together, but who keeps on trying. 

Now my love, before we go any further, I want you to fully commit yourself to this. To commit to each day forward, making a positive change, to seeing the lesson in the experience, the beauty of the ever-evolving puzzle. Are you the puzzle? Or are you the puzzle piece? Do you change? Or does the puzzle change? I’ll leave that for you to ponder. Commit, to yourself, to others, to what you love. Bring your best to all that you do, strife for something better than your ancestors had, be the one who breaks the cycle. Be the change you wish to see in the world.  

Forgive, let go, surrender, be humble, be grateful

Love those who have done wrong by you, love your exes, love your neighbours, love yourself. Because the only way this world will change, is by choosing love instead of fear, instead of hate. Instead of hurting, choose to love. Choose to go deep within yourself, choose to see your fears, and love those pieces of yourself. Do not separate yourself from others, there is no other. We are not defined by our race, status, wealth, gender, or who we love. There is no difference between you, or I, between you and the person you idolise and adore, even those you say you hate. Don’t leave this world without making it a better place. Don’t let the past turn your heart cold, don’t let pain see you hurt others, don’t push them away. Love them, love yourself.  

Go after what you want, be prepared to fail, but don’t expect it. Don’t be impulsive, but lead with faith and tread with confidence. Lead others, show them the way, by being the way. Be the light, because when you do what you love, when you live authentically, you will activate others.  

Don’t be normal. Be you. Be you unapologetically, not from the ego, but from the heart. Be colourful, your authenticity cannot be replicated, let it shine through. 

Lead with love, lead with grace, let down your defences, trust yourself, trust your soul knows the way. Let it go, those burdens, be what you need. Sit with yourself, hold yourself, take care of yourself.  

I know that you’re tired, my love. 

I know, that within you, there is still a child wanting to be loved, to be held, to be nurtured. 

I know. 


You don’t have to do it all on your own, you never have been alone. There is an army of angels that walks beside you, call on them. 

It is okay to be gentle, to be vulnerable, to be sad. It is okay to be stoic, determined, resilient, and successful. It is okay, to be energetic, full of life, ecstatic, and feel full of life. You are all those things at different time. You are a cyclic being, ever-evolving, ever-changing, always growing. 

Keep on growing. 

Never stop growing. 

Be the teacher to the child you were yesterday, and the student to who you will become tomorrow. 

Victoria Hope

Transformative Guided Visualisation

I would like you to sit comfortably in a chair with your bare feet firmly planted on the ground or in the grass. If the sun is shining, perhaps position yourself near an open window where the sun can reach you, or in the moonlight would be even better.  

Place your palms down on your thighs. Drop your weight into your lower body, feel rooted in your feet, legs, and torso. Release the tension in your, brow, neck, and shoulders. Soften your face and close your eyes. Become aware of your body. Feel into every corner of it. Breathe deeply into your tummy, into your legs, down to the soles of your feet. Feel heavy in your seat, but light in your chest. Feel an expansion in your heart, something is growing there. As you breathe, see your heart chakra spinning like a green wheel of light. See it move faster, see the green light emanating out from your heart. What comes to your mind when you think of the colour green? How does it make you feel? Sink deeper into your body, drop into your body. With every breath, feel gravity pulling you down from your feet. Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet. Roots that travel down into the Earth, deeper and deeper, all the way down into the heart of the Earth. See the green light emanating from the Earth’s core, feel it in your own heart as you are now connected. 

Now, imagine you are standing on the top of a hill, the lush green countryside spread out all around you in every direction. There is so much green here. You catch your breath, pleased to have made it all the way to the top. You look down behind you where you have just climbed. You see that there was no path, because you made your own. As you look back, you remember the lessons you have learned, the struggles you have faced, and all the people who have played a part in your life. 

Take a moment, to sit down in the grass. The breeze is gentle, like your soul, and it soothes you, humming past your ears. You play with the grass, running your fingers through it. You think of all that has been troubling you, the disappointments, worries, and things that have been keeping you awake at night. You see them all laid out before you, though, you are not alarmed. You notice how trivial they seem from up here, here, where everything is calm, where you are safe, and feel closest to God.  

You watch as all of these slowly disperse out into the air, carried off in the breeze. You do this until you feel lighter, having let go of what you carried with you on your back.  

You get up, smiling, realising how far you have come. You notice a gate up ahead of you and walk over to it. You realise, that this is no ordinary gate. This is the checkpoint to the next chapter of your life. You stand in front of it, hesitant to open it. You peer over it, but you can not see a path, and you wonder if you should go back. But you don’t want to go back, you want to go forward. You are ready, you tell yourself, and you place your hand on the gate, testing first to see if it will open. It swings in your hand, and your heart skips a little in your chest. You question why such a small step, feels like you’re leaping into the unknown, “it is just a gate, afterall.” you tell yourself, “and I have been through many of those.” You can’t help but take one last lingering look behind you, maybe you see a face you have been haunted by, maybe it’s a memory that comes to mind, or the sound of someone’s voice. Something that used to pull at you, something you know was holding you back. But now, you smile at it, knowing that where you are going, you can not take it with you. You give thanks, to the past, to the lessons, to the experiences that brought you here to this moment, and you thank yourself for having made it despite all the setbacks. “Yes, you say to yourself, I am ready to move on.”  

You open the gate fully, and with one deep cleansing breathe, you do what so many others are afraid to do, you step through the gate to the other side of the hill.  

You don’t feel any different, and nothing around you appears to have changed. Out of curiosity, you try the gate again. It does open again, and you are glad, glad to have not locked anyone out who may wish to follow your path in the future, but feel no calling to go back through it.  

You turn away from the gate and start walking forward. You find it odd that you are now walking down instead of climbing up. But you realise that life is full of ups and downs, and no matter how many times you meet the bottom, you will always climb back up.  

Stay wild, beautiful soul. See you next time,