I always say, life is like a tapestry and each of us is a thread. 

We weave through life developing our connections – with ourselves, with each other. Sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart. We experience trials and tribulations, setbacks and successes – breakthroughs and breakdowns. 


Through all of these experiences, we weave our story, adding to the interconnected tapestry that we are all a part of.


We may experience many cycles of death and rebirth, a continuation of our ever-evolving story. We may experience periods of deep loneliness, isolation and seek refuge in solitude. We may experience tremendous highs, abundance, and feel on top of the world. 


To truly live is to embrace both swings of the pendulum – to know thyself is to remember you are the point at which it rests.

All my life I have been searching for that resting point. To discover who I truly am in the silence. 

To find what ‘fit’ me or a label that felt ‘right’.

What I discovered, however, was that through allowing myself to be whoever I wanted to be on any given day – to allow my mood to be the deciding factor for what I’d wear, what I’d eat, what music I’d listen to, without judgement, there was no ‘one size fits all’ or label that specified who ‘Victoria’ was. 

I realised that I did not fit in a box.

The more freedom I gave myself to experiment with who I am, the more breakthroughs I experienced, the more creative and abundant I became.

When it came to people I surrounded myself with, I realised those who truly love and care about me are the ones who accept me for however I show up on any given day.

It’s society’s mind trap that tricks us into believing we have to be categorised to be understood – because a big fear for us is being misunderstood and that translates as ‘being alone’ –  so we try and fit in.

But we’re not meant to fit in, we’re meant to stand out.

This was just one step (albeit a big one) in re-writing the narrative of who I thought I was.

Many experiences led to me finding my strength and resilience, without which I would never have become who I am today. 

That’s not to say that we give credit to those in our past who have hurt us, but to recognise that through those trials, and often traumatic experiences, we chose to make something beautiful out of something that caused us pain. 

All of this is what helps shape our story – it determines how we weave together with others, how we treat them and becomes a fixed marker, or checkpoint in our lives by which we determine how far we’ve come. 

My story has changed many times. 

I can look back at my checkpoints and see those were the tower moments that mark the end of one life, and the beginning of another.

There were relationships and connections with others, and without those experiences, my deepest transformations would not have been triggered.

My spiritual awakening began in 2016.
But my evolution as a human being living a temporary experience on this Earth began the day I was born.

I have many interests – I write, I paint, draw, design, talk to trees, walk barefoot in the grass, listen to every music genre under the Sun (sometimes all in the same day). 

I eat what my body wants, I sleep when I’m tired, I choose to surround myself with the things that feel good. I wear what I’m comfortable in, I dance in the Moonlight, I read, and read, and read some more. 

I research, question, and challenge my own beliefs, always in pursuit of discovering how the world works so that I can live in harmony with it and help others do the same.


My vision is to help others discover the path to personal freedom through sharing ancient wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual practices to enhance their everyday lives, bringing them into deeper alignment with themselves so they can live abundant, fulfilling lives in harmony with nature.

Victoria Hope is an author, artist, entrepreneur and content creator. Victoria has a BA (Hons) in English Literature & Creative Writing and is the author of two books, Unfolding (2020) a collection of short stories, and Ephemeral (2021) a collection of poems, prose, and aphorisms. A visionary from a young age, Victoria is passionate about bringing ancient wisdom into people’s modern-day lives. Drawing upon her studies in Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, energy healing, Aromatherapy, and Philosophy, Victoria creates grounded, wholesome content with her practical, down-to-earth approach to personal freedom. Sharing her love of the literary world, Victoria also creates and designs literary products for her business and fellow bookworms at, The Library Of Eden. Victoria’s merchandise is available online at and also sold at National Theatre, London.