A collection of poems, prose, and aphorisms on love, death, existential thoughts, and soul connections.

The contents of this book came to be in existence, during a period of deep reflection and inspiration. This book, like its title suggests, is made up of short pieces: of poetry, prose, and journal entries.

They reflect the transitory and temporary nature of our existence, the fleeting moments of love shared, or unshared, existential thoughts that arise in solitude and contemplation. Tender moments inspired by an unyielding force of illogical love, a transcendental connection between two souls, a catalyst for expansion — a muse for my musings.


Includes stories on love, life after death, crime, thriller, noir, and soul connections.

If you love short stories that pack a punch, leave you guessing, and make you laugh as well as cry, then you will love this book. A collection of ten short stories, each with their own twist and surprise. While some may thrill you, others will make you smile, some may even leave you with a tear in your eye.

Enter the mind of a psychotic duo, a scorned wife, a cursed angel. Relive memories of a ten-year-old girl, experience life on the other side, spend a night at the Chateau Marmont. Each story unfolds in its own unique way with every turn of the page – just as the journey of life unfolds before us.

“Unfolding is a tremendous feat for a contemporary author in her own right, Victoria is a versatile writer who can weave wonders with her words.”